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Tailor Made Shoes and Sandals - how to measure your feet correctly

  1. Stand on a piece of paper and put equal weight onto both your feet. Draw around both feet, keeping the pencil perpendicular to the paper. Mark the gap between your big toe and your second toe, and if possible draw carefully around your big toe.
  2. Measure the circumference of the metatarsal arch (i.e. all the way around your foot at the widest place, just behind your toes) and mark on the drawing where you measured this. Note down the measurement. 
  3. Likewise, measure around your instep, mark where you measured it and note down the measurement.
  4. Measure your heel circumference on the diagonal (from the lowest rear point on your heel around the front of your ankle). You do not need to mark where you measured, just note down the measurement. 
  5. Measure the length of your foot in the longest place – draw a straight line and write down the measurement along it. 
  6. It’s important to write down the width of your foot, too – draw a straight line across the widest part of your foot, just behind your toes, and write down its length.
  7. Write your name (first name, surname) on the drawing, scan it and include it as an attachment with your order or by email.


This is what your drawing should look like:


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