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  3. J.Joplin DARK GRAY


    J.Joplin DARK GRAY
    J.Joplin DARK GRAY
    J.Joplin DARK GRAY
    J.Joplin DARK GRAY
    J.Joplin DARK GRAY

    A touch of the unconventional in your footwear collection We named these shoes after the rock singer Janis Joplin because, like her, they are quirky. ... full description
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    A touch of the unconventional in your footwear collection

    We named these shoes after the rock singer Janis Joplin because, like her, they are quirky. Shoes as unique and inimitable as her voice are pretty hard to find, but these ones have it. Step out into the first rays of spring sunshine in these gorgeous and comfortable shoes. Once the sun gets a little stronger, they'll look great with a skirt or summer dress. Click HERE for guidance on choosing the right size.



    Pick your own colour combination and give your pumps a new look! Red shoes with a yellow elastic? Black with red or white? The choice is yours. 


    Pick your own colours:

    If you don’t like the colours we offer as standard on our online shop, or they don't go with your favourite outfits, don't worry! You can choose a different colour, or a combination of colours, whichever take your fancy. Pick your colours here J.Joplin / Custom-made


    Our shoes are exceptional because we make them by hand, with the ultimate care.

    We’re perfectionists. We got used to working to very strict quality criteria when making leather goods and we apply the same high quality standards when we make our range of comfortable shoes.

    We make all our shoes entirely by hand, which means that each and every pair literally passes through our hands countless times. The individual care and attention the shoes receive in this hand-crafting process enables us to ensure their quality every single step of the way.


    Genuine leather 

    We have taken a conscious decision to use only the very best materials for our shoes. Our shoes are made entirely from leather, except for the soles and insole insulation. You will definitely notice the difference.

    Double insole

    Our shoes are made with double insoles. In the J.Joplin model, the inner layer (next to your foot) is made of genuine leather and comfortably accommodates your foot. Leather also naturally wicks away sweat and softens your step. This is backed with a layer of rubber for increased comfort. Altogether, the insole is 3.5mm thick.


    A lightweight, flat, 4mm rubber sole from renowned maker, whose quality is recognised internationally. The J.Joplin model features a glued rubber rim, which helps prevent damage to the edge of the shoe.


    We have great respect for Czech craftsmanship and so we also source our laces from Czech manufacturer ODETKA. What’s special about them? The company has been making laces for more than 200 years. And they’re really good laces.

    Give your feet more freedom with our comfortable shoes

    Some people call them barefoot shoes. We call them comfortable shoes, because it’s really all about comfort. Our shoes adapt to your feet. They shelter them, while giving them enough room to move naturally.

    Weight ­– every gram counts

    Your feet will feel like there’s nothing on them. Jenon Leather’s J.Joplin boots weigh just 197g (in size 41) which makes them some of the lightest ankle boots on the market. Studies have shown that with every additional 100g of shoe, your feet end up lifting a tonne more per day.


    Product Specifications:


    Type: Fashion shoes / Comfortable unisex footwear, barefoot style, glued (see footwear information sheet)

    Colour: gray and gold




    Premium leather








    Leather + rubber layer 




    Lightweight 4mm rubber sheet


    Water resistance: Good water resistance (waterproofing treatment required)

    Maintenance: Treatment with wax or other suitable waterproofing

    Cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth or specialist footwear cleaning product

    Click HERE for our shoes and boots size guide


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