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How to care for our products

Here is a little guide to looking after leather goods. Leather must be looked after, in order for it to last a long time and look as good as new. The best way to look after it is to treat it with beeswax, leather protector spray or other leather care products, depending on the particular type of leather. 

When you purchase leather products from us, you do not need to spray them with leather protector, or any other treatment, straight away. All our products are treated in our 

How to care for smooth leather

If your product is made of smooth leather, it is important to know that this type of leather needs to be dubbed and waterproofed. We recommend treating the leather with beeswax once every 3-4 months, polishing it with a soft cloth, and spraying it with a waterproofing spray. If the leather has become scratched or scraped with use, we recommend contacting our workshop, where we are able to tend to your product professionally. Similarly, if you have a product that has been neglected for some time and you would like to revive it.


How to care for suede and nubuck

If your product is made of suede or nubuck, it requires slightly more complex care. About once a month you will need to brush it with a suede sponge and spray with a leather protector. We very strongly advise against using wax on any suede or nubuck products; if you do so, these products will lose their brushed finish.


Drying and airing shoes 

Do not shut your shoes away in a cupbord or drawer as soon as you take them off. It is important to let them dry out thoroughly, especially if you've been out in the rain or snow. You can also stuff them with sheets of newspaper, which will absorb some of the moisture


Never put leather in the washing machine!

The leather we use for our products would not survive being washed in the washing machine.

If you need any further guidance on how to care for our leather products, please get in touch and we will happily advise.


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